impact partners

Here at Imani Collective, we are grateful to be in the shops of so many around the world. We are always seeking to partner with local and global businesses, passionately pursuing holistic impact and doing good in the world. We love developing long-term, deep relationships with generous businesses seeking to create a big impact.

If you are one of our wholesalers or a small business looking to give back a portion of your proceeds to empower women this year, come walk alongside us!

Support a Charitable Cause

Through our non-profit wing, Imani Collective's holistic support programs are 100% funded by donations alone. When you choose to give back, your donation will go directly towards these programs, which include our daily food program, in-house childcare, monthly home visits, and so much more.

Three Ways to Partner


Schedule a monthly donation. On a specific day every month, your local business donates a percentage of your profits from the day to Imani Collective's
food and in-house childcare program. 


Choose a set amount to donate quarterly or annually. 100% of your donation will go towards our operational expenses.


Personalize your giveback option: We know you have
great ideas! Email partnerships@ to chat.

What do you get?

1. Up to 20% off your first order when you make your first donation as an Impact Partner.

2. Quarterly shoutouts on Instagram, business blog spotlight, and collaboration opportunities.

3. Logo added to our website and our annual Impact Report.

Meet some of our incredible partners!

We are incredibly grateful for the impact partners who have partnered alongside Imani Collective.

We look forward to meeting new partners in the future!