holistic programs

Imani Collective currently works in 3 communities across Kenya and over the years has served more than 130 artisans to improve their livelihoods through dignified work. The foundation of who we are lies in our holistic programs as it is a complete wrap around approach to care for the whole person. We believe in radical transformation through empowerment and opportunity. Our artisans have access to holistic support programs that enable them to invest in their skills and provide opportunities for their children to have a better tomorrow and overall quality of life. 

Our holistic support programs paired with a sustainable income has proven to radically transform lives. We also have seen the ripple effect that occurs when one life is changed - it does not end there, but overflows into their family and community. Imani desires to see every individual in our collective thrive and discover what they truly are capable of.

We do not take lightly our name is Imani, which means faith in Swahili. We want our collective and community to discover the love God has for them and to understand that they are part of something so much bigger than themselves. From the core of who we are - our hope is to always empower and to love deeply.  

A structured program for artisans' children to attend during the day while parents work, which includes a themed curriculum, field trips, English courses, primary school entrance test preparation, creative crafts, and more.

Daily well-balanced meal and tea breaks for artisans and their kids enrolled in our childcare program.

Twice-per-month trips to visit artisans and their families, where we check in and present a love offering gift bag.

(Realize Internal Self Excellence)
Character-building workshop hosted once per month at each location.

Personalized discussions + training in financial budgeting, time management, etc., to help our artisans take steps toward realizing individual goals.

Birthdays, monthly theme days, quarterly team building outings, year-end celebrations, children's birthday celebrations, vacation bible school, in addition to holiday parties and cultural field trips.

In-house childcare

Food program

Home visits

RISE personal development

Dream management

Special events

Once per quarter, we hold team-building outings that unite our artisans and staff. We create fun and motivational games that promote, team building skills like communication, planning, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. 

Team Building

Impact Stories

To empower someone involves building the confidence of an individual so they grow in their self-efficacy and realize how capable they are to do big things in this world. Imani Collective is passionate about empowering the men and women in our community. We want to provide more than just a job for our artisans, we want them to grow into the self actualization of who they are meant to be. See the transformation of some of our artisans now:

"Working for Imani Collective has given me the confidence and resources to take risks in my own life. For example, through financial stability, I bought a plot of land and built a house in the village for her kids. In addition, I recently started a small business making and selling liquid soaps."

Rehema Mwangale


"Before I began working with Imani, I struggled to provide a safe home for my family and lacked the confidence to speak up during classes. After joining Imani and attending our R.I.S.E. program, I began to lead confidently and speak more boldly during class.With the help and guidance of a supportive Imani family, she has found a new confidence in herself that has overflowed to her children and community."

Prisca Dzame


"When I joined Imani Collective, my only skills were tailoring and repairing clothes. Since then, I have accrued new skills in making different designs, such as tote bags, hang signs, and road mats. As a result of a decent wage, I can enroll my kids in a better school to receive a good education. Working for Imani Collective has given me space to dream bigger, and next year I will be able to start building my own home."

Mercyline Ali


100% of your gifts will fund our holistic support programs and transformative initiatives in Kenya.

By donating to Imani Collective today, you're investing in an artisan's future; you are inspiring change, creating new opportunities, and transforming the next generation.