sustainable farming project

Imani Collective is always looking for different ways to push the narrative in innovation and sustainability. We are excited to be able to bring new initiatives to Turkana and overall only create more impact for the region.

Over the last year, we have secured land in the Turkana region to be able to diversify our sustainability approach and now bring a focus to agricultural innovation and abilities to access to clean water.

The project will directly impact over 120 artisans and their families ensuring that they have long-term access to food and clean water, which will not only improve the livelihoods and health of the individuals in the region, but also reduce overall food aid dependency.

At Imani Collective, we regularly offer chai and lunch to our artisans as part of our ongoing holistic program support. Having access to our own farm and agricultural technologies will allow us to expand our food program while also educating our artisans on farming practices. This education will enhance their current knowledge on farming practices and allow them to grow their current food yields for their families.

The entire project is centered on a sustainable water system and greenhouse farming to produce local sourced horticulture.

These funds will be used for:

  • 3 Canopy Greenhouse Structures
  • 1 Compost Pit
  • 1 Seed Bed House
  • 1 Rain water storage cistern
  • Irrigation System

Indigenous vegetables
(managu, mchicha, mkunde)

potential crops