Turkana Training and Outreach Center

Our dream for Turkana is simple, to create a space for growth and opportunity. Despite its rich cultural significance, it's regarded as the least developed region in Kenya. Over the past couple of years, Turkana has begun to experience economic growth due to newly opened roadways and the discovery of an abundance of natural resources.

Amid this growth, Imani Collective is working to provide dignified work to Turkana artisans. This work provides self-development for the artisans and their families, empowering them to break the cycle of generational poverty.

Imani's goal is to build a new foundation for growth by providing improved workstations, bathrooms and sanitation, training programs, mentorship, and guest housing for team members and visitors.

Over 120 jobs will be created.

Over 300 families will be impacted.

Weekly food distribution to the local community. 

The completion of this project will cost $288,500

Phase 1

Purchase of land + fence installation

Phase 2

Building of one workshop
+ bathroom

Phase 3

Building of  holistic center, childcare center, supply storage

Phase 4

Guest housing + Conference Center + Retail Shop + Office block,

Phase 5

Building of two workshop structures

Phase 2

For Mariam Echwa Ethekon, life before joining Imani Collective was very hard and during those desperate times, being a 65 year old widow, she had to work tirelessly looking for reeds to make brooms to sell in order to be able to provide at least one meal a day for her family. 
This is no longer her story after joining Imani Collective as she is now able to easefully put food  on the table and pay her children's school fees with no worries attached. Last year, she started a side business selling cereals to your community on the weekends and was even able to rebuild her house!

Phase 2 will see the construction of a workshop for 22 new artisan workstations, as well as new bathrooms with running water and a handwashing station for improved sanitation.

Transformation Story

Mariam Echwa Ethekon



"It's only the Beginning"