Tumaini Initiative

At Imani Collective, we invest in creating sustainable employment opportunities for women. The core of our mission has always begun with our sewing and tailoring programs. In most cases, women in Kenya do not have the opportunity to access or pursue education They are isolated from the ability to receive training or skills that would otherwise help them provide for their families. We believe that women deserve a chance to step into employment and ultimately, learn, grow and thrive. We also believe every woman should have a safe and dignified workplace.

We are excited to be relaunching our sewing and tailoring program, the Tumaini Initiative. This initiative is a certified tailoring program that will allow 180 individuals across all areas of Kenya to have access to the right tools, knowledge and confidence to launch their own business or successfully receive job placement with Imani Collective or one of our vetted partners. This program not only evokes transformation for the women involved but also is the first step toward economic and social sustainability in their lives. 
We know through partnership, you will only be starting the ripple effect of breaking the generational cycle of poverty in many families throughout Kenya. 

You are not just investing in today – you are investing in many tomorrows.

Phase 1

Start-Up + Training Room Renovation

Phase 2

Curriculum + Material Cost

Phase 3

Year 1 Program Cost

The current funding needed to successfully relaunch our Tumaini Initiative for 2023




the Tumaini empowerment program

We believe that together we can unleash the greatness within an individual and their communities if they are given a chance, and we feel our Tumaini Initiative, this holistic workforce development model, does exactly this.

training individuals who live in poverty with market demand skills

transitioning trainees into dignified employment opportunities

provide continuous well-being and self-development activities

economic independence _ transformed communities





Will you join us?